Bus-size Asteroid 2022 GN1 heading to Earth today: Will it cause any damage?

This asteroid approximately which is size of a bus will make a close approach to Earth on Thursday night.

Scientists only spotted the Asteroid 2022 GN1 a few days ahead of its head-turning flyby on Tuesday evening.

When was the asteroid discovered?

Asteroid 2022 GN1 was discovered by astronomers on Friday, April 1.

The asteroid is less than 78,300 kilometers away from Earth. The object is flying its way past the planet tonight.

This Asteroid 2022 GN1 classified as "potentially hazardous" asteroid by the Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

What would happen if this asteroid hit the Earth?

Scientists think that asteroid hitting would lead to heat radiation, large crater, giant tsunamis and many more

If you miss asteroid 2022 GN1's pass tonight, it'll be back for another flyby in August 2056, according to Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

And if you don't want to wait that long time to see another close encounter of this Asteroid 2022 GN1, your next opportunity is right around the corner.


Asteroid 2022 GQ1 will pass by within a lunar distance on Thursday (April 7) morning.

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