In just 100 million years, the universe may begin to shrink

According to The Big Bang Theory, space itself expands with time everywhere and increases the physical distances between comoving points.

This theory is that the universe began with the Big Bang - a massive expansion of everything from a single point that continued to grow and cool into what the universe is today.

There are theories wnich discuss about how the universe will end

1. The Big Rip 2. The Big Freeze 3. The Big Crunch

1.  The Big Rip states that the universe will continue to expand faster and faster until the distances between even individual particles become infinite.

   2. The Big Freeze, in which the universe continues to expand forever, and all matter cools to absolute zero. 3. The Big Crunch or Big Bounce, in which the universe stops expanding, begins contracting, and eventually collapses into a single point before exploding.

Big Crunch

According to NASA, current measurements of the universe show that we are on the edge of either the Big Rip or the Big Freeze.

Now expansion of the universe is driven by dark energy.

According to scientists dark energy may not last forever. They believe that dark energy is a form of quintessence, which is decay over time.

According to the researchers, the gravitational pull of everything in space will cause everything to collapse in on itself.

In next 100 million years a very short time when space is considered it will stop expanding and start contracting.

And billions of years after that, the Universe may meet its death. or  a rebirth of time and space.

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