NASA scientists find evidence that Life on Earth may have come from an asteroid

Scientists found DNA and RNA components in meteorites.

These meteorites contain all of the building blocks of DNA

NASA researchers, found the last two informational units of DNA and RNA.

Scientists from Hokkaido University of Japan analysed and identified these two units.

The new discovery supports the idea that, some four billion years ago life cames from meteorites.

Not everyone is convinced

Not every scientists are convinced that all of the newfound DNA components are extraterrestrial in origin

Some may have stated that the meteorites have DNA & RNA after the rocks touched down on Earth.

Building blocks in meteorites

space rocks have been found to contain nucleobases, the nitrogen-containing compounds that serve as the "letters" in the genetic code of our DNA and RNA.

Nucleobases come in five primary flavors - Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G), Cytosine (C) and Uracil (U)

On latest discovery scientists reported finding all five nucleobases inside carbon-rich meteorites.


Scientist check that the nucleobases were extraterrestrial in origin rather than the result of Earthly contamination, the scientist team repeated the experimental procedures without any meteorite material in the test chambers.

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