Metal clouds and liquid gems spotted in the atmosphere of hot Jupiter WASP-121 b

The strange weather was found in the 1st detailed study of the exoplanet's 'dark side.'

Imagine a world the place the clouds are product of Metal and liquid rubies and sapphires rain down from the sky. A brand new examine reveals that, on the recent Jupiter exoplanet WASP-121 b, this could possibly be the truth.

Metal clouds and liquid gems

In 2015, scientists found WASP-121 b, a gas giant exoplanet 880 light-years from Earth. The alien world is what is named a “hot Jupiter,”

By the use of Hubble Space Telescope scientist measured environment on the planet’s cooler nightside. And this night time environment appears to have plenty of unusual and noteworthy qualities.... 

together with Metal clouds and rain product of what could possibly be liquid gems. This hot Jupiter is tidally locked, meaning it has one side that is always facing its star and another side that faces away. On WASP-121 b's star-facing dayside, metals and minerals evaporate.

The dayside's upper atmosphere can get as hot as about 3,000 degrees Celsius, so hot that water in the atmosphere glows and molecules break down, according to a statement.

But on the planet’s nightside, the group discovered that the atmospheric temperature is actually lower in half.

Previous Hubble information confirmed indicators of metals together with iron, magnesium, chromium and vanadium present as gasses on the planet’s dayside. 

But on this examine, the researchers have discovered that on the planet’s nightside, it will get chilly sufficient for these metals to condense into clouds.

But metal clouds aren’t the one unusual phenomenon these researchers noticed on this sizzling Jupiter. They additionally discovered proof of attainable rain within the type of liquid gems.

Scientists have been shocked that, among the many metals they detected within the planet’s environment, they didn’t discover aluminum or titanium.

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