NASA Finds Waterworld Exoplanet With a Boiling Ocean

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Dr. Swapnil

March 09, 2024   10:29 AM

James Webb Space Telescope discovers exoplanet with a boiling ocean.

That exoplanet located in TOI-270 system, which is sub-Neptune distant exoplanet.

Exoplanet TOI-270 b located 70 light years away from the Earth, it is twice Earth's radius.

Water vapour, chemical composition of methane and carbon dioxide have been found in it's atmosphere.

Astronomers said that ocean could be so hot it's temperatue must be 100 degrees celsius.

According to astronomers this exoplanet is known as Hycean world, because water ocean under hydrogen rich atmosphere.

Carbon disulphide found on the exoplanet. carbon disulphide is part to the biological process on Earth.

But scientists don't think that life may exist on this exoplanet with boiling ocean.

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