NASA is about to send Earth's location to intelligent aliens.

If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, it could potentially receive a radio message of how to find Earth.

Scientists are planning to beam a radio message into deep space with detailed information on human life that had the late Stephen Hawking worried.

Stephan Hawking supported all efforts to find alien life but along with he warned scientists that...

any aliens who will get our signal might not respond in the most friendly of ways.


This is not the first time that we sending message to the Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). 

Reaching out to ETI

In 1974 we send the the first message to ETI by using Arecibo Radio Telescope.

First message used binary code and conveyed information about humanity's base-10 counting system, common important elements and a map of the solar system.

What new message contains?

New message is also binary but once broken down from binary message shows pictures of the Milky Way, identifying Earth’s position in relation to recognizable formations of star clusters.


It also shows naked humans, along with a representation of our DNA structure, and the layout of the continents and oceans on our planet.


Any intelligent species capable of detecting and decoding the signal would likely have little trouble finding us if they’re capable of interstellar travel.

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