NASA To Send Naked Pictures Of Humans To Space To Attract Aliens

For years, the world has been trying to track aliens or extraterrestrials.

There are many projects carried out for checking existance of higher intelligence.

But now NASA plan to send into space was revealed in a study that is part of a project called the “Beacon in the Galaxy” (BITG).

BITG contains a binary-coded message is most likely to be understood by aliens.

BITG main aim is to send a message to the aliens or other life forms and establish any connection with them.

Why NASA plans to send naked images?

Binary is the simplest form of mathematics as it involves only two opposing states: zero and one, yes or no, black or white, mass or empty space.

Proposed message includes basic mathematical and physical concepts, composition of life on Earth, Earth location in the milky way and pixelated illustration of a naked man and woman.

Pixelated illustration of a naked man and woman

The main aim of the BITG message is that it may help the aliens understand the signal and is likely to be understood by the extraterrestrials or higher intelligence.

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