Raining diamonds on Uranus and Neptune.

These are two planets in our solar system where diamonds are raining, but we will never be able to get there in one piece.

Both the planets Uranus and Neptune appear blue in colour because of the presence of methane in its atmosphere.

Methane is made up of carbon and the temperature and pressure conditions of Neptune and Uranus are so extreme..

that carbon atoms can be crushed into diamonds in their atmospheres. Explained by NASA astrophysicist Naomi Rowe-Gurney during a podcast hosted .

methane has carbon in it and that carbon can occur by itself and also be crushed by the immense pressures that happen, like, deep in the atmosphere.

Inside the planet, when it gets really hot and really dense, these, these diamonds form and accumulate..

and then they become even heavier. And means that they kind of rain down in the atmosphere on Uranus and Neptune.

But it's not the rain that we see here because these pressures are extreme, and you'll never be able to get there as a human.

So even if these diamonds do exist, we would never be able to go and grab them. so it's dream only..

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