The largest known galaxy has just been discovered, 60 times the size of the Milky Way

Scientists newly discovered the largest galaxy ever known. The new discovery is located about 3 billion light-years away.

Newly discovered galaxy, called Alcyoneus, which is a giant radio galaxy.

The galaxy is about 16.3 million light-years distance long.

which means it will take you 16.3 million years to go from one end to another

Alcyoneus 153.77 times taller than Milky Way because our Milky Way galaxy measures less than 106,000 light-years

from region of this galaxy emits plasma plumes which are the largest structure made by a galaxy known thus far.

Alcyoneus is the largest known galaxy in the universe

This massive galaxy, and many like it, contain a host galaxy, as well as massive jets and lobes erupting from the galactic center. 

Scientists believe these jets and lobes are a byproduct of an active ingredient giant black hole At the center of the galaxy.



This galaxy named Alcyoneus, after the son of Ouranos, the Greek primordial god of the sky

Till now scientists not sure that how this galaxy got it's massive length.

Scientists initially thought that this galaxy is massive black hole, lot of stardust or extraordinarily powerful jet streams.

Astronomers added that Alcyoneus’ plumes possibly reveal information about the most elusive filaments of the Cosmic Web.

The Cosmic Web is another name for the contemporary, grown-up Universe, which looks like a network of threads and nodes that astronomers call filaments and clusters..

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