What are wormholes? Just like blackholes?

 By - My Space

These are theoretical space time tunnels have popped up in the solutions to a set of decades-old equations.

Wormholes are the tunnels that connects two points in the universe which cuts the travel time.

While researchers have by no means discovered a wormhole in our universe, scientists usually see wormholes described within the options to vital physics equations.

They acts as a short cut for travelling from one point to other so it is also known as Time machine.

Some scientists thought that wormholes are can not possibly exist because they would be too unstable.

Just like blackholes?

Just like blackholes wormholes also take some time to come up with a consensus about whether or not they can exist.

If they found any strong proof by looking at odd movements in star orbits, then the discovery will change the understanding of the universe.

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