Weird quantum objects often called Q balls may clarify why we exist


One of the most important cosmological mysteries is why the universe is made up of far more matter than antimatter, primarily why we exist. Now, a workforce of theoretical physicists says they know how you can discover the reply. All they should do is detect the gravitational waves produced by weird quantum objects known as Q balls. 

Every type of peculiar matter particle has an antimatter companion with opposing traits — and when matter interacts with antimatter, the 2 annihilate one another. That truth makes our existence a thriller, as cosmologists are fairly positive that on the daybreak of the universe, equal quantities of matter and antimatter have been produced; these matter and antimatter companions ought to have all annihilated one another, leaving the universe devoid of any matter in any respect. Yet matter exists, and researchers are slowly uncovering the the explanation why. 

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