What are Ideal Blood Sugar Levels for Preventing Repeat Strokes, Heart Attacks?


“We know that having diabetes may be associated with an increased risk of having a first stroke,” stated examine creator Moon-Ku Han, MD, PhD, of Seoul National University College of Medicine in Korea.

“But our results indicate that there is an optimal blood sugar level that may start to minimize the risk of having another stroke, a heart attack or other vascular problems, and it’s right in the 6.8% to 7.0% range.”

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The examine concerned 18,567 folks with diabetes with a mean age of 70. All members had been admitted to the hospital for an ischemic stroke, which is attributable to a blood clot.

Upon admission, researchers used a take a look at known as the hemoglobin A1C to find out folks’s common blood sugar stage over the previous two to 3 months. This take a look at measures a proportion of hemoglobin proteins within the blood coated with sugar.

A stage under 5.7% is taken into account regular; 6.5% or larger usually signifies diabetes. The members had a mean A1C of seven.5%.

Researchers then adopted up one 12 months later to seek out out if there was an affiliation between A1C ranges with the chance of getting one other stroke, a coronary heart assault, or dying from these or different vascular causes.

Of all members, 1,437, or about 8%, had a coronary heart assault or died from vascular illness inside a 12 months of beginning the examine, and 954, or 5%, had one other stroke.

The examine discovered that individuals admitted to the hospital with A1C ranges above the 6.8% to 7.0% vary had an elevated threat of getting a vascular occasion like a coronary heart assault, in addition to having one other stroke.

After adjusting for components like age and intercourse, researchers discovered that individuals’s threat for a coronary heart assault or related vascular ailments was 27% larger once they had been admitted to the hospital with A1C ranges above 7.0%, in comparison with these admitted with A1C ranges under 6.5%.

People’s threat for having one other stroke was 28% larger when admitted to the hospital with A1C ranges above 7.0%, in comparison with these under 6.5%.

“Our findings highlight the importance of keeping a close eye on your blood sugar if you’re diabetic and have had a stroke,” Han stated.

A limitation of the examine is that individuals’s blood sugar ranges had been measured solely initially of the examine; no follow-up ranges had been accessible.

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Source: Eurekalert

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